Nylon Pink - 2AM

Nylon Pink - 2AM

EDM, Ellie Goulding, Nervo

There are numerous people in the world that enjoy many different music, a few of which like dance music. Like everything else in the world dance music has changed since the 90s and is now a little more complicated, but it a good way. The band called Nylon Pink is a band which includes found a means to modernize EDM and pull together numerous other genres.

About Nylon Pink

Nylon Pink is actually a band that claims to function as the only female band that is comprised of only Asian- Americans. Since right not the band includes four girls: Kaila Yu, Katt Lee, Kiki Wongo, and Jamie Scoles. The girls are very creative and also have come forth with music that combines the sounds of dub-step, down and tempo and heartfelt lyrics. Their music has been in comparison to Ellie Goulding and Nevo. In reality many people have revealed that Nylon Pink sounds much like the sounds of Ellie Goulding and Nevo.

Over time Nylon Pink has already established many alterations in its sound and then in the band members. Though there are only four core members, they often times pull in others to help complete their sound and make the best EDM laced music of our own time. Their collaborative behaviors have really allowed them to create a wonderful sound that is popular with all fans of EDM music.

The Nylon Pink Hit Single 2AM

Nylon Pink did it again. They have got created a EDM laced single called 2AM, which includes already received over 2,000 hits after as little as two days. This really is phenomenal for the girls along with their single. The song is upbeat with great lyrics. The beat is excellent plus it encourages one to leave the dance and couch. It really is because of this a good idea to download the song.

You will be able to know the song 2AM online. If you love it you will be able to click this link to where you will be able to download the song. The best part of the band Nylon Pink is because they really encompass numerous genres of EDM. This means that almost any one that enjoys the sounds of EDM will like the tunes created by Nylon Pink.

Others that will truly take advantage of the electrifying sound of 2AM are the types that take pleasure in the musical varieties of Ellie Goulding and Nevo. Both bands would be best recognized for their music inside the EDM world.